La Vigie Nr 111 : Venezuela, an efficacy crisis | The energy coefficient | Lorgnette : French-Italien Crisis

La Vigie Nr 111 (13 FEB 2019)

Venezuela, an efficacy crisis

The crisis in Venezuela is ambiguous: N. Maduro does not convince because of the country’s economic collapse, but seeing D. Trump and J. Bolton as the guarantors of democracy leaves one cautious. Venezuela is experiencing a twofold crisis of efficiency. It was a social inefficiency in the past (which led H. Chavez to power), it is an economic inefficiency today. We must therefore be careful not to adopt positions that are too clear-cut for both sides.

The energy coefficient

The energy coefficient has become a main factor in the major strategy of States and the reclassification of powers. Three rapid developments are underway, the accelerating gas revolution (LNG, shale oil, Mediterranean gas), the climatic transition that is trampling on and the digital energy that is taking off. The planet’s energy transition is a very fluid sector.

Lorgnette : Frenc-Italian crisis.

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