The ambition


La Vigie is a bi-monthly magazine about strategic analysis.


Led by Jean Dufourcq and Olivier Kempf, two experienced analysts, it offers a French take on strategic questions, whether they relate to geopolitical issues, or military strategy. In a condensed model (6 pages) and in a format compatible with all media (paper, screen, ebook), the aim is to provide the reader with short articles, mainly about analysis (the information is assumed to be public, it is not about confidential information).


It is a serious magazine without pretending to pass as academic, dense without being daunting, issue-focused rather than speculative.


It presents itself as french-inspired and defends an independent position based on the observable reality, stakes, responsibilities and values of France. It feeds on a European perspective rather than western, more Latin than Anglo-Saxon, in accordance with the demand of the French and foreign readership.


It also plans to give voices to outside authors, experienced or young researchers, and in the medium term, to publish an english version to extend our influence. Its economic balance aims to enable us to publish specialized studies and ultimately provide post-graduate funding.


It is distributed via online-subscription for the sake of efficency and fixed-cost reduction. Its reasonable price, compared to other «specialized » magazines aims to build an active community out of an informed audience. It’s taking the gamble of an honest readership, willing to compensate a good-quality analysis and providing it exclusively to the subscribers.


The team


Jean Dufourcq is a Rear-Admiral (retired), has a PhD in Political Science, former editor of  Revue Défense Nationale, and is a member of the naval academy.

As an analyst (Ministry of Defense and Ministry of foreign Affairs) he taught for over ten years,led numerous research teams and published several studies about European, Mediterranean and African issues as well nuclear and naval strategy.


Olivier Kempf has a PhD in Political Science, is a researcher associated with the IRIS and has taught classes in various institutions. He headed the « Cyberstratégie » collection for Editions Economica and has published eight books on geopolitics and strategy as well as a number of articles and studies. His work is focused on cyberstrategy, Euro-Atlantic zone security, nuclear strategy, strategy for organizations and geopolitics of France.


Sponsoring committee for « La Vigie »

Under the chairmanship of Professor Emeritus Pierre Hassner, research director  at the FNSP,


Pierre Buhler, Diplomat, former professor at Sciences Po.

Jean-Marc Duquesne, General, former director of the IHEDN

Benoît Durieux, General, director of the Centre des Hautes Etudes Militaires

Philippe Folliot, Member of Parliament

Louis Gautier, Secretary General of Defense and National Security

Serge Grouard, Member of Parliament

Hervé Juvin, President of the Eurogroup Institute

Jean-Jacques Roche, University professor, Director of training, studies and research at the IHEDN.

Gwendal Rouillard, Member of Parliament

Justin Vaïsse, Director of the Centre for Analysis, Planning and Strategy in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International  Development